My Travelogue: The Colombia Edition

“A travelogue is a record of the events, sights and personal feelings which a traveller experiences as they go from place to place. The format of these travelogues can be at its simplest a diary with events listed day by day but more usually they are combined into a more coherent narrative much more like a story. The style of individual travelogues varies as much as the reasons for travelling do. They can be just a simple description of what was seen, an investigation into the reason behind these new sights or even an investigation into the authors’ own beliefs and motivations for travel” – (Source:

Over the 2010 Christmas break, I travelled to Colombia. This is my digital scrapbook/travelogue.  I thought it would be a nice way to share my photos and experiences.

The Why Colombia?  tab gives you more information on why I went to Colombia (written prior to leaving).  The Updates tab is where I posted “blog style” updates as I got ready for my trip and although I didn’t add much content or update very often while I was away, I posted a few brief updates while I was gone.  The Photo Journal section is where I posted pictures and details about my trip after I got home.  It’s officially all done and I hope you enjoy it.


(updated July 31, 2011)


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